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Dove Summer Glow Review

I had been feeling a little bit pale recently so I decided it was time for a bit of false tan. I've never been in to tanning so I was a little bit nervous to go straight into a proper tanning lotion or mousse. I thought I would start off with a tanning moisturiser because, to me, it seemed a little more foolproof and I could definitely do with the extra moisture.

I have in used the Dove Summer Glow moisturiser in the past but I used the one for light skin and I found that the effect was quite subtle and I felt as though I had washed it off before I could build up the colour to my desired darkness. This time I decided to grab the one for medium to dark skin and hoped for the best.

Dove Summer Glow Before and After
Bikini top is from Bravissimo
The bottle says it is best applied after a shower, so I did. I didn't exfoliate because I'm lazy, I was a
little bit worried that because of this the tan might cling to my dry patches but luckily I didn't have this problem. I did shave my legs and underarms in the shower and I didn't get any stinging when apply the Dove Summer Glow. I found it a little difficult to get out of the bottle especially whem having to squeeze it with my left hand. It would definitely be easier if there was a pump, and I do feel as though as I use more of the moisturiser it is going to be very difficult to get the last of the product out of the bottle.

Streaking on leg
I had some streaking on my legs, I think this was because I used too much product and did not rub it in well enough. I found that on my more pale areas any streaking was more obvious and the tan also looked less natural. I did get some staining on my hands and nails, I would suggest making sure to wash your hands thoroughly after application especially under the nails.

I applied a small amount of the moisturiser to my face and I didn't have any problems with breaking out from the product. I found this quite surprising because my face breaks out almost every time I use a new product.

The colour is a little more orange toned than I would like although I feel it would look more natural on a medium to dark skin tone as the product is made for. Personally I would apply this moisturiser to my full body once a week, possible twice a week to my legs and more pale areas if I was going to be in a bikini. The moisturiser did a great job at blurring my tan lines which I love.

Dove Summer Glow Medium to Dark Skin
The moisturiser smells quite pleasant when applying but I did find that once it had dried it did have that fake tan smell. It also dried to quite a sticky finish, I applied it at night and by the morning it was no longer sticky but did smell of fake tan. I would not recommend applying this moisturiser to your whole body in the morning and then going out to work, because it has a fake tan smell and it feels as though you have something that needs to be washed off on the skin. It may be ok if you were just applying to your legs. I would suggest applying at night and washing off in the morning.

When I showered the next day I used a moisturising body wash to wash myself and dried myself with a white towel to see if any colour came off. There was a little bit of colour transfer to the towel but not a lot. The tan stayed on my skin well after the shower. The Dove Summer Glow moisturiser left my skin feeling soft and moisturised after I washed off the sticky layer.

Overall I am very pleased with this product, It gave me an instant glow because I am a light skin tone and used the medium to dark moisturiser. If you wanted a more gradual tan I would recommend getting the correct colour for your skintone. This is definitely a great product to have.

Dove Summer Glow
Bravissimo Bikini

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