Sunday, March 27, 2016

Bluesky Gel Polish Swatches - Mixed Colours

I made this swatch video for y YouTube Channel a little while ago, but I never got around to putting pictures on here. So here they are. This post will be set up a little differently from my last swatch post in which I had photographed each colour with and with out flash. In this post the polishes are pictured under my daylight lamp and on clients hands.

Bluesky Gel Polishes From L - R :  A58, SP18, DC31, A52, LT137
Bluesky Gel Polish A58 is a gorgeous purple pink, it is quite bright and has great coverage.
Bluesky Gel Polish A58
SP18 is a glitter gel polish with silver, gold and pink glitter pieces in a clearish base. Can be worn alone with 3 coats, as pictured. Or one coat over any other base colour also looks great.
Thumb is Bluesky Gel Polish SP18. Paisley pattern is painted in A58.

DC31 is an off white cream shade, a very pale peachy nude. DC 31 makes a great alternative to white in nail art designs for a more subtle look.
Bluesky Gel Polish DC31
A52 is a deep green-blue.
Bluesky Gel Polish A52. Art is done with DC31.

LT137 is a beautiful army green. You could also call it olive green or khaki. It is a little less yellowy than pictured in this photo, I would say the colour is closer to the colour in the first picture of all colours swatched.
Bluesky Gel Polish LT137. Art is done with DC31.
I hope you found this post useful, Let me know if you prefer colour swatches on real hands or on nail pops. Thanks for reading. Here is the video swatching these colours if you would like to see what the coverage is like. Please disregard the last polish I swatch in the video as I think I had a defective bottle.

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