Friday, June 3, 2016

Bluesky Gel Polish Swatches | Neutrals and a Neon

Here are some photos and swatches of my newest additions to my collection. Check out the video at the end to see the polishes in action and checkout their opacity.

First colour swatched in the video is A74. A gorgeous, bright, neon coral colour, unfortunately I do not have a picture to add yet but I will update as soon as I have one.

Second polish is 80514 a deep nudey brown, quite warm toned.
Bluesky Gel Polish 80514
Third Polish is 80563, it is a few shades lighter than the previous colour and more cool toned, although I would say it was more neutral than cool. Sorry this isn't the best picture to show off this colour, I will try and update the picture when I get a better one.
Bluesky Gel Polish 80563 (behind chevron)
Fourth polish is A44, this is more of a pink nude, very cool toned mauve pink. Has been a very popular colour.
Bluesky Gel Polish A44 on non marble areas
Fifth polish is Nude 19 (nd19), it is the lightest of the colours I swatched in this video, it is quite cool toned and slightly sheer but has quite nice coverage on the nails after 3 coats. Would be great for a french manicure. 
Bluesky Gel Polish Nude 19 (nd 19)

Final polish was 7409, a medium pink that was too sheer for my liking, I do not have a photo of this colour on nails and it is likely I may never get one as I really do not like the opacity of this one. If you would like to check it out skip to 2.52 in the video below.

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