Thursday, October 4, 2012

Maybelline Baby Lips Review

$3.99 on sale at New World

Maybelline Baby lips in soothing cherry.
SPF 20
4g of product

8 hour moisture
in one week rejuvenated lips:
fine lines reduced
elasticity increased
suppleness increased
Centella essence increases cell turnover.

First Impressions
Feels creamy on my lips, smells nice, not over powering. I applied the Maybelline Baby Lips at 10pm it felt creamy on my lips and slightly tingly. By 3 am the product was completely gone from my lips and my lips felt dry again and still had dry skin. I will continue to use this product to see if it lives up to its claim of rejuvenated lips in one week.

On day two of using the baby lips, my lips feel softer they still have dry skin but it has softened. My lips feel softer even without balm on. I have been applying the balm to my lips morning and night and occasionally during the day if I feel I need it.  I don't think it provides 8 hours of moisture, my lips still get dry but not as bad as they used to. I feel it has softened my lips but not to any extreme.

This product has definitely improved the texture of my lips in one week. My lips do not get as dry as they used to but they can still get dry during the day. I don't think it provides 8 hours of moisture, I feel at most it gives 5 hours of moisture and then my lips start to feel dry and I need to reapply. This product has an SPF of 20 which will be great as we get into the summer months. Overall this is a good product that I would probably repurchase, the packaging is cute and its small size means its easy to keep with you.

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