Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mini Skincare Haul and First Impressions

I bought two new skin care items yesterday and I thought I would haul them and let you know what my first impressions are. There will most likely be full reviews in a month or so.

I bought Skinfood New Zealand Cleans all which is a cream cleanser that removes makeup and is safe on the eyes. It is a natural based product with aloe and manuka honey. I love manuka honey on my skin and this is what drew me to it.

It has a essential oil smell to it but it is not a strong smell as though it is just the smell of the ingredients not an added fragrance.

I have used this to remove my makeup and it did a good job although it did struggle a bit with removing my waterproof mascara.

It is a cream product and left my skin feeling clean but not stripped dry.

You can rinse it off your face with water or wipe it off with a cotton pad.

So far I am liking this product.

I also bought Nivea Visage Shine Control Mattifying Gel Cream. This is a moisturiser. I bought this because I have never seen a gel cream before and have never tried a shine control moisturiser.

This has quite a strong smell, which puts me off a little bit because fragrances sometimes break me out, but I'm giving it a go.

It says on the packaging that it has UVA filters but there is no specific SPF on the product. This doesn't bother me much because my makeup that I wear on top generally has an SPF in it.

I have only used this once but it felt very moisturising on my skin and my skin was left feeling soft after the product was absorbed. I wouldn't say it made my face completely matte but it was definately less shiny than when I use my Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturiser.

Skinfood New Zealand Cleans All and Nivea Visage Shine Control Mattifying Gel Cream

So far I am happy with both products and I will update in a month or so how they went for me.

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