Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mr. Men Manicure

Naked Nails and Orly White Out

I was wearing my Mr. Happy T-shirt the other day and I thought it would make a great, easy manicure. Turns out it is a great idea but not so easy.

I started with a base coat and then painted all my nails white using Orly's White Out.

Mr. Men Manicure

This is where the hard part started. I painted all of the characters using acrylic paint. It was very difficult to mix the exact colours and the colour is definitely off on Mr. Skinny on my pinky finger.

I painted on each characters shape and then outlined in black and added eyes mouth and hands.

The hands where very difficult to do and they didn't turn out how I had hoped.

Because the design was a lot harder than I thought, I decided to cheat on my right hand and just right Mr. Men which is still quite hard to do with your left hand.

Overall I am happy with how they ended up. Close up there are obviously mistakes, but I think you can still tell what I was aiming for and practice makes perfect.
Mr. Men Manicure

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