Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Here are a few of the nail designs I have done in the past year or so. Please excuse the poor quality photos, most were taken with my phone.
These are acrylic nails I did on myself. The have a gel topcoat and nail art on the ring finger. They are small purple beads with a flower.
Here are my friends nails, again with acrylic, although with a purple glitter tip. I mixed purple glitter with a clear acrylic powder before mixing with the monomer and applying to the nail.
Another friends nails, this time gels. The glitter was applied before the gel topcoat as well as the pink and blue rhinestones.

Here are my mother's nails with a subtle pink water marble with regular nail polish.
My own nails again, this time with a retro looking design that I absolutely love.
My nails again.... This is bluesky shellac with a glitter on top.
These are my sister's nails, there are two pictures because I think they are awesome. They are my version of a galaxy nails, done using Bluesky shellac over a gel nail overlay.

Any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

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