Monday, September 24, 2012

QVS individual eyelashes

$13.99 from pharmacy

I used these on a client and I'm not sure if its just the ones i got or they've changed the way they make them but these were really annoying to use. The glue that holds the eyelashes in place was too far down the eyelash so if I grabbed it near the root, the lashes would stick to my tweezers and not to the eye. If i grabbed the lashes were there was no glue I would only grab 1 lash and it would unravel the join. I have used these lashes before and they have worked perfectly well. I might have to purchase them again to see if its a one off thing. The glue they come with works perfectly well so no need to go out and purchase glue separately. They last well on the eye and give a more natural look than strip lashes. Individual lashes in general can be hard to apply on your self but with patience and practice it can be done.

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