Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Whatever Wednesday: Skinfood NZ Cleans All Review

This is an empty product review of the Skinfood New Zealand Cleans All Cleanser. I hauled this about a month ago and just finished up the bottle so I thought it time to give it a review.

You may think 1 month isn't very long for a cleanser to last but this really is a Cleans All. I use it in the morning, to remove my make up at night and then also to do my second cleanse to make sure my skin is clean.

I really do love this cleanser, before I started using it I had been using quite active cleansers to combat my acne but this left me with dry patches but still oily and spotty. On top of this my skin is always dehydrated because I never drink enough water. So I set out looking for a gentle cleanser just to use in the morning when I don't need a powerful cleanser. I got this and fell in love with it and it is now the only cleanser I use. I do still use other exfoliaters every now and then.

It leaves my blemishes feeling calmer my skin is clean but not dry and tight. I find my moisturisers absorb better into my skin instead of just sitting on top. I can genuinely say I would re purchase this product because I already have. Often I say I would re purchase a product only to be beaten by curiosity or pretty packaging and I end up buying a different product. But I love this cleanser so much I bought a new one as soon as I finished my first bottle. I get it from The Warehouse for $12.99.

I'm not saying this is a magic cleanser that will get rid of all your blemishes, but it definitely soothes mine and I feel like the pimples I do get are smaller and disappear more quickly as well as not being as deep.

Because this is an all in one product I find myself never skipping out on washing my face. I used to be terrible at keeping up with washing my face especially in the morning because it would dry out my face, but now its so easy to use just one product and my skin actually feels nicer and any sore pimples I have hurt less.

At $12.99, why not give it a try even if you only use it as your morning cleanser or make up remover.

Here is a video of me rambling about how much I love this product, I think it shows I genuinely love this product. Sorry its not edited but its under 10 minutes.

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