Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Day 25 - Nutrimetics Hair Serum Review

I would just like to be fair to this product and mention that my hair is extremely dry at the moment because I spent a lot of time in chlorinated water over the weekend, so it is soaking up moisture like crazy.

I will do a little comparison between this and the only other hair serum I've used the Dove Nutri Oil Serum which I reviewed here and before and after photos here.

This serum is a little bit thicker and more gel like. It also is a little bit heavier on my hair and I feel I have to use less to get rid of frizz. I also notice that it takes awhile to absorb in unlike the Dove which is almost instantly absorbed. If I apply a little too much of the serum, it will absorb over night and leave my hair silky the next day.

This serum has a much stronger smell than the Dove which has barely any scent. This serum smells very strongly of Ginger which I guess is because it is one of the main ingredients. You can smell it on your hair.

I think that I prefer this Serum slightly more over the Dove because it is slightly heavier and for my dry hair I feel it does more to repair my hair than the Dove does. I do still like the Dove and if you have already quite good hair and just a few flyaways to tame I would definitely recommend the Dove over this Serum.

If I know I am going to wash my hair the next day or in the evening I will apply a generous amount of the Serum to the length of my hair and braid it, then leave it in throughout the day or overnight. Then when I wash my hair it is nice and healthy.

Because I find this product does absorb into your hair, you don't get a build up of product. On second day hair I will sometimes add an additional pump to smooth any frizz that has appeared over night.

The first photo is my hair air dried overnight and brushed through, the second photo is my hair with two pumps of the serum which is normally enough for my hair but today my hair was so dry I used a third pump which is my hair in the last picture.

Excuse my really bad roots but I am trying to grow out my natural colour.

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